What Is Student Information System (SIS)?

Student Management System (SMS) is a module designed to track, store and manage student’s data, like grades, attendance, interpersonal activities records, and all kind of information generated by a School. The comprehensive data that includes – student’s registration information, admission detail, fees payment status, hostel billing, scholarships or any other financial aid provision, etc can be shared with faculty, students and parents to make the entire process of students’ enrollment quick, systematic & error-free.

Furthermore, the entire students’ information can be saved at a centralized location & role-based login access can be given to all the stakeholders for ensuring 100% student data security.

Student Information System Features

  • Online Application and Admission

  • Registration and Bank Payment

  • One Card System

  • Grade Book

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Email Notification

  • Class and Exam Schedule

  • Course Offering and Assignment

  • Educational Programs & School Registration Management

  • Organized Report System